One of the biggest problems with modern smartphones is battery life and an Australian company is trying to help make this problem disappear.
ChargeBar is a service currently available in 70 venues around the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs that lets consumers recharge their smartphone battery for free.
Each station has eight to 12 charging cables and suits 96 per cent of the handsets currently on the market.
To make it easier for consumers to find a location close to them, the company has just released a new app for iPhone. According to ChargeBar MD, Jonathon Tanner, it is a great way for retailers to attract customers.
“Our iPhone app immediately places a venue on the radar and starts bringing new customers through the doors,” he says. “With the last of their battery power they can find a location to recharge their device.
“We have been stunned at how effective chargebars are at stimulating sales. If each ‘charger’ spends just $5 whilst recharging, and records 300 ‘charges’ per month, then the store can expect an extra $1,350 in sales per month, or $16,200 per year. If you’re a large chain with 100+ stores, chargebars will add millions of dollars to company’s top line revenue. With those sorts of numbers, it’s really a no brainer.”
Tanner says that the company is currently in advanced discussions with large retail chains across the country. It expects to boost its network by 500 to 1000 venues in the next three to six months. It has an ultimate goal of 10,000 locations by 2014.
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