2020 was an unpredictable year in the marketing space, with the pandemic forcing many businesses to pivot their strategies quickly and adapt as best as they could to new and unfamiliar situations.  

The world’s largest manufacturer of garage door openers, Chamberlain Group has continuously made headway to market their niche range of products with 2020 marking the biggest year in sales for the brand.

Chamberlain Group director for marketing and strategic partnerships – international, Grant Emanuel has gathered his key learnings and strategies that helped the business succeed in 2020 and enter 2021 in a strong position. 

Customer experience is key 

Chamberlain’s success stems from deeply ingrained foundations and a sense of purpose that is at the centre of the customer experience. In 2020, the group shifted its purpose to be more about the ‘who’ and less on the ‘what,’ ensuring products seamlessly integrate into the lifestyle of their clients.  

Chamberlain’s NET Promoter Score, a metric remains over 70 for six consecutive months, compared to a ‘good’ NET Promoter Score, which generally sits at 30. 

Consistent content creation 

From blogs with key SEO search terms to social media content that encourages conversation, content creation is a large part of the brand’s strategy.

“You may not always get it right, but one thing that algorithms love is consistency. Whether Google rankings, Instagram, or Facebook, posting content that is on brand and answers consumer questions, will continue to grow your audience and customer base,” Emanuel said.

Capitalise on trends to add value 

In 2020, podcast listening grew to 32% and the Chamberlain Group Podcast was launched to support the company’s dealer network.

“We wanted to offer easy tips and tricks that could add value to our dealer network. An internal podcast was the perfect solution, delivering helpful information, that can be used while on the job,” Emanuel said.

Practical partnerships 

Partnerships add value for CSR and offer an additional marketing platform through partner channels. They are a way to expand reach, but the key for success lies in choosing partners that make sense.

In 2020, Chamberlain Group partnered with ‘Sydney Thunder’ and WBBL, NSW’s premier women’s cricket club and ‘Habitat for Humanity’, a non for profit that helps low-income families achieve the dream of building and owning their own home. 

“Both partnerships were chosen because they align with Chamberlain’s commitment to help families and the community to stay safe and to have fun together,” Emanuel said.

Get creative  

The final factor in well thought-out marketing strategy is to have fun and be creative.

LiftMaster, Chamberlain Group’s brand in the United States, recently released a video based on the movie ‘Ferris Buller’s Day Off’ . The video sees the original actor Alan Ruck return to re-create an iconic scene from the film with the help of the myQ app, and the LiftMaster.  

“Don’t limit yourself because of what you think you should be doing, stay open to the latest ideas, and get your team involved in the process,” Emanuel said.