Shoppers and retailers are being warned to be on the ‘look out’ for shoplifters and bag snatches during the June mid-year sales, with an increase in crime expected over this peak shopping period.

“Theft is big business for thieves during mid-year sales,” says Mark Norton, general manager for ADT Security. “Crowded stores and busy staff make it easier for the dishonest to pilfer products from shelves and shopping trolleys laden with bargains.”

With one in five businesses reporting being a victim of shop theft*, shoppers are also being encouraged to keep a close eye on their valuables and to ensure that their purchased items are secure at all times.

Australian retailers are estimated to lose millions of dollars in takings from shop theft over the coming weeks and ADT Security is urging retailers to ensure loss prevention strategies are in place over June.

"Watchful and attentive management is always a good deterrent to both employee theft and shoplifting, although security devices such as closed-circuit television  monitoring systems and EAS tags are the most effective theft prevention method, especially at a time when staff are preoccupied with increased sales," says Norton.