As retailers prepare for the potential impact of the federal carbon tax, Energy Action has launched an online carbon tax calculator that can approximate the cost impact of the new scheme on the energy bills of businesses.

The Energy Action Carbon Adjustment Calculator prompts businesses to enter their gas and electricity consumption and length of billing period. From this information (readily available on energy bills) the calculator, using a set of listed assumptions, then approximates a business’ likely carbon expense for 2013, 2014 and 2015 energy bills.

Energy Action chairman Ron Watts said the calculator will assist businesses to understand how the scheme will influence them over a three year period and what its impact will be on their most affect business cost – energy.

“There is a great deal of confusion in the Australian marketplace about how the carbon tax will affect all manner of Australian businesses, as the debate has largely surrounded Australia’s largest industries and companies,” he said.

“This free online calculator is available for all companies with the modelling allowing businesses to begin to more accurately predict cost changes derived from the carbon tax.”

The calculator was developed by a number of Australia’s leading energy specialists as a forecasting tool for business and is based on information outlined in the Federal Government’s climate change policy, Securing a Clean Energy Future.

“There is a common misconception in the market that the tax will only affect Australia’s top 500 companies. The reality is that Australia’s largest energy generators are within that group and will pass new costs down the line, eventually reaching consumers,” said Edward Hanna, head of energy efficiency and sustainability at Energy Action.

“The only way to beat the carbon tax is to emit less carbon in your operations. For all companies, understanding your cost exposure is the first step in understanding what investment you should now be making to reduce your carbon footprint and energy expenditure.”

Users are encouraged to model the impact of increased and decreased energy usage then use this information to evaluate any investments in energy efficiency measures.

The more bills a user can compile for an annual representation of their consumption, the more accurate the estimated costs will be. No personal or business details are required or kept during the calculation process.

Australian organisations can use the free online calculator at