Cadbury has rolled out a new Cadbury Bars range, incorporating Cherry Ripe Layers and Picnic Layers, inspired by classic flavours with a modern twist.

Both products contain three layers, encased in a domed chocolate shell. Cadbury Cherry Ripe Layers includes layers of Cherry Ripe flavoured jelly, coconut flavoured crème and coconut pieces encased in an Old Gold dark chocolate shell, while Cadbury Picnic Layers is filled with layers of gooey caramel, soft peanut flavoured crème and crunchy peanut pieces encased in a Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate shell.

Cadbury vice president of marketing for Australia and New Zealand, Paul Chatfield said, “We know how much Australians love Cadbury chocolate and we are excited to introduce Cherry Ripe and Picnic Layers, inspired by the classic flavours but taken to another level of indulgence.”

Cadbury Cherry Ripe Layers and Picnic Layers are now available at all leading supermarkets and independent retailers for RRP $2.00 each for 35 grams and 34 grams respectively.