Business Green Energy, supported by Northern Beaches Council, is calling on local businesses to register for a first-of-its-kind Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the area. Commencing on 1 July 2024, the deal will help reduce power prices, offer long-term energy price certainty and grow the use of renewable energy.

The PPA program intends to substantially decrease electricity expenses for the companies that participate, while helping meet sustainability targets. For local businesses, a PPA is expected to be cheaper, more efficient, and less complex than going it alone.

To bring this program to life, Council has partnered with Business Green Energy who aggregates the local business electricity demand and finds the best option in the market. Business Green Energy has now successfully reached a deal with global leader in clean energy, Iberdrola.

Business Green Energy director, Kristina Photios said, “Businesses on the Northern Beaches can seize a unique opportunity with PPAs to contribute to the local community’s sustainability goals and significantly reduce costs. Embracing PPAs is a win/win with an investment in a cleaner future while cutting the cost of business on the Northern Beaches.”

Northern Beaches Council has already made savings since putting a 100% Renewable PPA in place for its own electricity usage with Iberdrola Australia in 2021 achieving its sustainability targets well ahead of time. Local business accounts for more than one-third (37%) of the Northern Beaches overall carbon footprint, with more than 70% of those emissions coming from electricity.

Northern Beaches Council Mayor, Sue Heins commented on the partnership saying, “We are pleased to be supporting Business Green Energy to offer a first-of-its-kind initiative to local Northern Beaches businesses, which will not only benefit our local community but also contribute to our broader sustainability goals. By choosing clean energy sources, businesses are taking a significant step towards reducing both their carbon footprint and the local community’s too.”

Council is inviting local businesses to register with Business Green Energy on its website by 15 December 2023.