By Andrew Starke, TheShout

Coles has denied it was preparing to promote and sell Foster’s VB at $28 per carton with a spokesperson playing down speculation that beer would remain a touchstone in supplier discontent with supermarket chain discounting.

A Coles spokesperson said it must be remembered that Australian liquor retailing is extremely competitive and that Coles Liquor’s 1st Choice business always looks to offer its customers the best value beer, wine and spirits.

“Contrary to media reports, there was no plan to sell Victoria Bitter at $28 a carton in 1st Choice outlets, or any other Coles Liquor business,” he told TheShout.

“Fosters continues to supply Coles Liquor, and all Coles Liquor stores are fully stocked with the popular Fosters brands.”

He added that Coles Liquor is aware of its obligations under the Competition and Consumer Act and is a responsible alcohol retailer.

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