After five years ‘introducing the Pandora brand to the Australian and New Zealand market’, Jeff Burnes has resigned from his marketing manager role to look for new opportunities in the jewellery industry.
Speaking after his resignation, Burnes said that establishing Pandora in Australia and New Zealand and “working with Denmark on rolling out our marketing strategies to the rest of the world had been a fantastic experience”.
“(However) the brand in Australia is now mature and I feel that I have taken it as far as I can and that it is now up to someone else to manage that position.”
Pandora managing director Karin Adcock said that Burnes had “implemented marketing strategies and initiatives which have been ‘best in class and which have helped in cementing the Pandora brand as one of the most recognised jewellery brands in Australia”.
In addition “many of the initiatives implemented in Australia have been adapted by other Pandora markets to various degrees”.
Burnes said he was interested in "consulting work or work with a new or growth brand".