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Bunnings accelerates overseas pilot program



Bunnings UK and Ireland will expand its pilot program and have 20 stores by the end of 2017―twice as many as previously expected.

The announcement coincides with the opening of the fourth Bunnings Warehouse in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire; the largest in the UK and Ireland to date.

The store, on the site of the former Homebase in Snowdon Drive, occupies over 90,000 square feet, and employs 140 team members,  including 88 in newly-created full and part-time roles.

The increase in the number of Bunnings Warehouse pilot stores is a major step in developing the format in the UK’s home improvement and garden market. It follows a positive response from customers to the first pilot stores in St Albans and Hemel Hempstead.

Bunnings UK



To date, the new stores have created more than 220 new jobs, with more than 1,000 new roles anticipated by the end of the year.

Bunnings managing director PJ Davis said: “Our decision to extend the pilot program reflects the positive reaction we have seen from customers to the stores we have opened so far. Increasing the number of pilot stores to 20 will give us the opportunity to test the concept in new geographies, with different demographics, across a range of store sizes.

“We are determined to combine the best of Bunnings Warehouse with what UK consumers want. The success of the pilots still remains a precursor to additional investment.”

The next store to open after Milton Keynes will be in Folkestone, Kent in July. Following that, the Homebase stores in Thanet (Broadstairs), Sittingbourne, Kent and Basildon Vange, Essex will be the next to be redeveloped.

This story originally appeared on Appliance Retailer.


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  • Daisy-May Brown

    Why can’t Bunnings have the same ethos with their new venture in the UK as they have in NZ.. Have been very impressed with the NZ operation so encouraged our daughter to go and work for them at their new flagship branch in Milton Keynes UK and she has just been dumped on! Broken promises, poor staff moral and when 5 new members of staff hand their notice in on the same day it does not bode well. As she says “fantastic training and team building under the Australian staff sent over to start the business but now they have disappeared. Seems the UK do not have suitable staff for management” At the rate they are going in the UK it could be that Bunnings have made a very poor investment. An International Company that does not have systems in place to pay the staff properly to the extent that they are paying staff “CASH” as they are not sure what hours the full time staff have done is a disgrace. The staff have to tell management what hours they have worked. When the new Manager just shrugs his shoulders when asked direct questions again does not inspire or demonstrate leadership. I could go on and on – just regret the encouragement we gave for her to leave a proper job for another that should have great promise only to fall flat.