Australian-owned and founded bubble tea brand, Gotcha Fresh Tea, has confirmed an ambitious expansion with plans to open 50 new franchise stores across Australia within the next two years.

Gotcha will then launch into New Zealand and across Europe.

Known as Australia’s first ‘luxury’ bubble tea, offering premium quality tea and ingredients, as well as lavish store fit-outs, Gotcha is also renowned for its creative marketing and collaboration campaigns with pop-culture icons such as Sesame Street and Hello Kitty.

“From the very outset of Gotcha in 2018, we’ve endeavored to offer an exceptional bubble tea with multiple points of difference to the offerings of our competitors,” Gotcha founder and owner, Roger Fu said.

“We operate 200 stores globally – with 47 of these stores operating in Australia. We’re now incredibly in-tune with the market and especially after launching almost 50 stores within just four years, we’re now absolutely raring to take advantage of the lessons we’ve learned to-date.

“The premium quality of our tea – made only with fresh milk, fresh fruit, fruit purées and 100% natural cane sugar, without the use of preservatives or chemicals – is of massive importance to our success but moreover, we’re proud to be offering our customers and franchise partners an experience.”

With an industrial design background, Fu is currently working on a unique ‘make your own bubble tea kit’ and a variety of market-researched new flavours to be released later this year.

“I believe that ambition, hard work and a rock-solid support system are vital to business success. I’m proud of the company we’ve built and I invite those with a passion for innovation, who want to start their own business venture within a supportive network group, to join the Gotcha journey via our franchise offering,” he said.

“Our franchisees are well-backed, which is key to our business strategy. The interests of our franchisees are considered with each and every business decision taken by Gotcha head office. Even during the current period of notable inflation, we’ve refrained from increasing any costs to our franchisees because we’re the sort of business that’s not afraid to do things differently, and we always proceed with carefully considered strategies for success.”