By Martin Vedris

BSR Group general manager, Ian Brown, today said that the new Mr Rental business has the potential to become his group’s biggest account.

“That’s a big business,” said Brown. “They have the opportunity to be our largest retailer in a short period of time.”

The Queensland-based Mr Rental appliance rental company announced last week that it had joined the BSR Group’s Betta Buying Association.

Mr Rental currently comprises 58 store fronts, of which 17 are in New Zealand. The business operates in all sates in Australia, except the Northern Territory, South Australia or Tasmania, but the company is considering an entry into the SA market.

Brown said that while the Mr Rental product range was narrower and more focused than a typical electrical retail store, its potential purchasing volumes would make a significant contribution to the BSR Group’s buying power.

“They have a narrower range which they supply to their consumers and we’re assisting them to make that product available to them through our group,” said Brown.

“We’re very happy with the partnership and it looks like there are some good opportunities there."