Wintergarden Brisbane


Brisbane’s Wintergarden centre has landed on a jewel of an idea, using product customisation to engage shoppers.

The CBD centre has opened a popup 3D print studio where shoppers can design their own rings and bracelets, which are then brought to life through 3D printing.

According to Euromonitor International, personalisation is one of the top retail trends of 2018, with consumers shifting their focus from possessions to experiences. This has changed purchasing patterns and led to the rise of ‘I-Designers’, or shoppers who want to want to create something unique to them.

I-Designers don’t want to make a product from scratch but are looking for retailers to offer the tools they need to easily personalise their items.


At the Wintergarden popup, shoppers can customise the colour, design, thickness and size of their jewellery. Depending on the design, the items take from 15 minutes to an hour to print, with shoppers remaining in the centre while this happens.

Scott O’Donoghue, Wintergarden senior centre manager said the aim of the free service is to drive positive brand engagement and get customers talking.

“Technology is revolutionising the shopping journey, so we’ve embraced this and capitalised on the latest innovations to deliver our customers a leading personalisation experience,” he said.

“We know that our customers engage more with a customisable product and we were drawn to incorporating the latest printing technologies to make this happen. Customers spend time with our studio team creating their design and remain in centre while it is being printed.”

Each of the four 3D printers has a microscopic camera installed so the printing process can be viewed on a monitor in the studio or by passers-by via a TV screen in the window.


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