The possibility of consumers being either scalded or burned by Breville’s Fast Slow Cooker (BPR200) when the steam releases has led to the company issuing a recall. The problems lie with the white silicone lid gasket.

Breville has discovered that if the white lid gasket is not inserted in the correct orientation and, contrary to the instructions provided in the product’s instruction manual, there is a possibility that pressure may build up and release unexpectedly.

Breville Australia general manager, Mark O’Kelly said, “While the Fast Slow Cooker meets the design and manufacturing standards of Australia, the part recall is being undertaken as a precautionary measure.”

“Breville takes safety and product quality very seriously and is working to facilitate the quick replacement of this removable part in units within retail outlets and consumer kitchens. This recall applies only to the white lid gasket in the model BPR200. The Fast Slow Pro BPR700BSS is not affected,” O’Kelly added.

The recall covers the production date codes 1034 through to 1511, sold between October 2010 and October 2015.

Retailers have been notified and consumers can contact Breville for a replacement lid gasket, free of

charge. A dedicated Breville recall hotline and website have been established to assist with enquiries:

1300 727 424 or

This story first appeared in Appliance Retailer