Australia’s leading on-demand self-care platform, Blys is expanding its service offering into the beauty industry with spa-quality beauty treatments now available to book and enjoy from the home, workplace or event.

Australians can now enjoy the convenience of ordering a facial, manicure and pedicure, lash and brow treatment, haircut and colour, spray tan, wax, hair and makeup styling or teeth whitening straight to their door.

Blys founder and CEO, Ilter Dumduz believes expanding the platform to become a holistic wellness services platform is a natural step,

“After thousands of conversations with clients and providers on the Blys platform, we found a common theme: ‘I love that I can book massages that work around my schedule, and I would love it if I could book other services, too’,” he said.

“Our vision for the company then evolved from ‘we make massages accessible’ to ‘we make self-care accessible.”

Blys’ expansion makes beauty services more accessible for everyone, including those who feel intimidated visiting a spa or clinic and people with limited mobility.

“Self-care is no longer seen as niche wellness woo-woo – it’s whatever makes you feel good, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or socially,” Blys head of marketing, Erin Finn added.

“If you can better express yourself because you’ve got your nails done or you feel confident in your skin because you had an amazing facial, and that’s your definition of self-care, then that’s great. If we can enable that, then that fits perfectly with our vision.”

Users can download the Blys app or visit the Blys website, select the beauty treatment of their choice and their preferred date and time. Blys will then connect the user with an independent and carefully vetted mobile beauty provider. Treatments are available nationwide between 6am and 11pm, seven days a week.