By Patrick Avenell

Bing Lee has announced two new promotions designed to help sell certain consumer electronic appliances during this period of low discretionary spending.

The first is Bing Lee’s ‘beat the price hike’ deal, which offers no deposit, no interest and no repayments until 2010 on purchases of $500 or more. Selected products covered in this promotion include cameras, home theatres, computers, fridges, and plasma or LCD televisions.

Bing Lee general manager Phil Moujaes spoke directly of current financial pressures when he said, “every dollar counts as mortgage payments and petrol hikes continue to squeeze, so more than ever consumers are searching for the best value for money”.

The second promotion Bing Lee is currently running concerns the retailer’s sponsorship arrangements with Taronga Zoo. Between 1 July and 10 August 2008, any customer who purchases a plasma or LCD television valued at $1000 or more will receive free family zoo pass and $20 in Zoo Money to spend whilst visiting.

Bing Lee is the ongoing sponsor of Taronga Zoo’s Threatened Wildlife Trail, which features endangered animals. These include the leopard seal, Tasmanian devil, corroborree frog, Sumatran tiger and the Francois Langur monkey.

Both offers are valid until 10 August 2008.