As part of Big W’s new Hoxton Park Distribution Centre (DC) development, Dematic has been awarded the contract to fit out the state-of-the-art, 89,000 square metre DC for the retailer. This DC will initially service 63 stores in the rapidly expanding Sydney and NSW markets.
One of the largest of its type in the southern hemisphere, the DC will utilise innovative Goods-To-Person (GTP) picking technology powered by Dematic’s storage and retrieval system for split case operations, the Multishuttle. An Australian first, the Multishuttle will act as a buffer store designed to feed ergonomic GTP pick stations at the right time and rate to ensure high efficiency. The Multishuttle will comprise five aisles, 14 levels, and 70 shuttles.
In addition to the Multishuttle, the full-case picking system will include a high-speed cross-belt sorter. The sorter will facilitate 48 sort destinations and enable walk-pick-to-belt and cross-docking picking techniques.
Big W’s massive DC will house 50,000 pallets and be controlled by a sophisticated material flow and order management system. Dematic’s warehouse control software manages carton movement like conveying and sorting, and split-case picking. It will provide Big W management with real-time reports about system performance.

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