Big W has recalled 27 styles of children’s sleepwear after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) revealed that the nightwear was incorrectly labelled ‘low fire danger’.
"Children can suffer serious burns when nightwear they have been wearing catches fire," said ACCC deputy chair, Peter Kell.
"While parents and carers must always take care to ensure children are kept away from fire hazards, accidents can occur. That is why it is crucial to know that the nightwear they are buying will minimise flammability in the event of a fire."
Woolworths has recalled 19 styles in the Pink Sugar and Bed Bugs Girls Single Nighties range and eight in the Selected Sleepwear Nite Club Boys Nightwear range.
ACCC market checks revealed that while the nightwear is labelled ‘low fire danger’, reports showed it failed fabric flammability requirements of the mandatory standard for use of this label.
"Since becoming aware of test results that so far seem to confirm the ACCC’s view, I am pleased to see Woolworths has acted promptly by withdrawing these garments from sale and instigating a voluntary recall," said Kell.
"Woolworths has also asked any affected customers to return recalled garments to a Big W store where they will receive a full refund."
Kell noted that the ACCC is not aware of the products being involved in any accidents or injuries to date. But there is an increased risk of severe burns and death associated with sleepwear that is loose fitting or fails requirements for low fire danger labelling.
Advertisements for the recall have appeared in newspapers, online and in store.