Betta Electrical is going green and has teamed up with tree-planting organisation Greenfleet to offer a tree-for-IT goods promotion.

Starting this month, stores nationwide will participate in the ‘Betta Greens IT Up’ promotion – for every product carrying a green tree logo, three trees will be planted. The aim is to plant hundreds of trees based on the sale of those goods, including a Panasonic cordless phone set, which will contribute a single tree and for every new Leader desktop computer sold three trees will be planted.
Ian Brown, general manager of BSR Group (owner of the Betta Electrical stores) said the group was very proud to be involved in the initiative to help combat climate change.

 “Like all of us at BSR Australia, our customers are concerned about climate change and this promotion is a great opportunity for them to incorporate an environmentally-minded approach into another part of their lives,” he said.

“We hope that between us – Betta Electrical, Greenfleet and our customers – we can plant a high number of trees in both rural and developed areas countrywide which have been approved for the program.”

Brown said the advantage of the promotion went beyond the customer incentive of being environmentally conscious.

“Not only does the program contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the tree plantations created by Greenfleet contain a wide variety of native trees that reduce salinity, erosion, and provide a home for wildlife,” he said. “The program is also an investment in the future of rural Australia.”