Beaurepaires Australia launched its revolutionary new Commercial fleet tyre servicing capabilities
and technologies at the Brisbane Truck Show earlier this month.

Beaurepaires’ series of innovations is a demonstration of the retail network’s commitment to quality
products and services to support the nation’s trucking industry, including the implementation of its
Australian first cost per kilometer reporting systems, offering transparency and cost efficiencies for
businesses across the country in response to growing customer demand.

The innovations launched as part of Beaurepaires’ Mobility project include:

* Mobile Service Trucks: A national upgrade program for approximately 200 service trucks to be
fitted with the latest in modern technologies. This includes truck equipped GPS tracking and
service scheduling, independent wireless hotspots for delivering real time telemetrics, and on
board tyre changing and balancing capabilities.

* Cents Per Kilometre Service: Real time ‘Cents Per Kilometre’ online tracking technology for
customers. This is an Australian first in the trucking industry that will offer owners of fleets direct
web portal access to their tyre operating costs.

* Tablet based software solution: Replacing paper processes, the new tablet solution offers key
task scheduling for optimised efficiencies, key procedural workflow checks, electronic data
collection and tyre performance tracking that provide the foundations for significant reporting

* Innovative new Commercial tyre and retread products: With the support of Goodyear’s global
research and development, Beaurepaires Commercial network is introducing innovative new
Commercial tyre and retread products that set the technology and performance standard for the
industry in areas such as increased fuel efficiency durability and mileage.

Beaurepaires also showcased a range of its fuel efficient tyre products at the Show, including
Goodyear tyres featuring its FuelMax technology that improves rolling resistance and saves fuel all
while reducing the environmental impact of your vehicle by lowering its carbon footprint.

In addition to this, concept tyres which featured at the Geneva Motor Show were on display for
attendees, featuring Goodyear’s innovative Air Maintenance Technology which aims to deliver a first
to market autonomous inflation control, resulting in optimised tyre pressure, reduced tread wear and
lower fuel costs in the process.