Beaumont tile is extending its range introducing outdoor stone paving.

The concept will be marketed under the umbrella of Beaumont Outdoor. The new range will consist of 32 different stone products and finishes. It will expand to also include super heavy duty ‘vitrified’ silica/clay tiles that are 20mm thick – about 200 percent thicker than standard vitrified tiles.

Sol Skurnik has been appointed as business manager for the new venture.

Beaumont Tiles COO Danny Casey believes the launch of Beaumont Outdoor is the initial step in an exciting new era for the Beaumont group.

‘These are products that are an ideal fit with our expertise in logistics, fashion and merchandising skills. That means we will bring to market the latest trends and product at truly affordable pricing,” he said.

“What is revolutionary is that outdoor paving solutions will be more accessible to all Australians and on display in stylish showrooms.”

Beaumont Tiles currently imports more than 60 container loads of tiles every week, and their logistics and negotiated freight and import rates keep pricing extremely low.

“This is a range that’s right out of the box and we know people will see it as a viable and classier alternative to what’s perceived as standard paving,” said managing director Bob Beaumont.

The Beaumont Outdoor range will launch in Victoria in June. It will be rolled out to all 93 Beaumont Tiles showrooms around Australia in the following two months.