According to new research from Bakers Delight, one in five (20%) Australian women (aged 25 to 65) feel guilty when eating bread, and more than two in five (40%) confessed to avoiding eating bread when trying to lose weight. 

The study also revealed that women find navigating the health category confusing and overwhelming, with more than a third (39%) of those surveyed indicating they would enjoy bread more often if healthy alternatives were more accessible. 

In response to these findings, Bakers Delight, Australia’s most successful bakery franchise, will be bringing together its health offering under one simple umbrella from 21 August 2014.

Six breads, selected for their individual health benefits, will form the Bakers Delight “Healthy Loafstyle” range:

Chia Omega-3 – for a healthy mind
Cape Seed – for heart, mind and body
Hi-Fibre Lo-GI – for longer lasting energy
Wholemeal Country Grain – for weight management
Wholemeal– for better digestive health
Chia and Fruit – for women’s wellbeing 

To make healthier eating more convenient for customers, each “loafstyle” will be matched with specific lifestyle and dietary needs. Information on selecting the bread with the benefits customers want will be made easily accessible via Bakers Delight bakeries around the country and online via the ‘loafstyle’ diagnostic tool. The online quiz analyses each individual’s activity, diet and lifestyle choices before recommending a healthy loaf to fit their lifestyle, as well as meal plans developed in association with expert nutritionists. 

Bakers Delight Group Marketing Manager, Meagan Reay said: “It is so important to help our customers make the best product choices in our bakeries, for themselves and their families. 

“Customers tell us they want to be able to choose the right bread for their lifestyle, and our research has shown they are still unsure which breads are the best for them. The “Healthy Loafstyle” simplifies our healthy offer, and with the support of Food & Nutrition Australia, we are providing the tools for our customers to choose the right bread for their lifestyle.”

Sharon Natoli, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Founding Director of Food & Nutrition Australia is working with Bakers Delight to help highlight the benefits of different bread types for different nutritional needs. 

Sharon believes bread is an important part of a balanced diet; saying: “The right bread choice can offer numerous health benefits including benefits for the digestive system, contributing to sustained energy, providing nutrients important to women’s wellbeing and important nutrients that support a healthier heart, mind and body.”

“It’s important we provide relevant nutritional information to consumers about these benefits to assist them to make healthier choices.”

Source: Bakers Delight media release.