Australia’s first dual Cold Rock Ice Creamery and Pretzel World store has opened in Hobart, attracting around 2000 customers within its first three days of operation.
The opening also heralded the debut of both popular franchise brands in Tasmania.
“There’s been a phenomenal acceptance of both brands and we’ve had queues out the door and down the street,” said Annette Rooke, who owns the store with husband Anthony Jones.
“We’re very excited to open Australia’s first dual Cold Rock/Pretzel World store and proud to be the pioneers of this exciting new concept.”
Cold Rock and Pretzel World are owned by Franchised Food Company (FFCo).
“What Hobart did in their first three days has never been done in the first week of any Cold Rock opening,” said FFCo managing director Stan Gordon.
Rooke and Jones, who also own a Sportsco store, discovered Cold Rock while holidaying in Queensland.
“We thought Cold Rock was a great concept and something the Tasmanian market was lacking, and after meeting Gordon and doing some research, believed Pretzel World would be an ideal fit,” said Jones.
Gordon said combining Cold Rock with Pretzel World allowed the ice cream brand to avoid winter sales troughs, offer more products and trade for longer.
“Cold Rock generally trades from lunch to 11pm, but by having a warm breakfast offering of a coffee and a pretzel from Pretzel World we can open earlier and offer a lunch option,” he said.
“Pretzels are a new concept certainly to Hobart but also Australia. It has taken a little bit of time to explain what a hot, warm pretzel is but we are now seeing people return again and again to our stores because, like Cold Rock, it’s such a unique product.”
Gordon said FFCo planned to roll out the dual store concept in other locations across Australia.
The North Hobart store employs 20 staff and is located at 388 Elizabeth Street.