The BuyNatural experiential outlet, known as a TLO (Touch, Learn & Order), has opened in Woy Woy on the New South Wales central coast.

BuyNatural is an Australian online shopping marketplace that sells Australian natural, organic, and eco-friendly products across health, wellbeing, grocery, and beauty.

The TLO concept store takes shoppers on an immersive experience enabling them to taste, smell and learn more about the products and brands before they buy. With video streaming capabilities and testing areas, the store allows shoppers to learn about the products, ingredients, and owners behind various brands.

The first of its kind in Australia, the TLO concept store is expected to be one of many to roll out across the country within the next two years.

BuyNatural founder and CEO, Dr Mathew McDougall said Australian small to medium size businesses produce some of the highest quality natural and organic products in the world, but because they are not stocked on large retailer shelves, little is known about them.

“Many people will have already purchased from BuyNatural online. Now they can drop in to our TLO stores as well. Unlike many retailers that are moving from physical stores to virtual stores, we are doing things the other way round,” he said.

“We recognise that many shoppers want to know and understand more about the brands they purchase and support. We see our TLO concept as an experiential purchasing hub for people seeking natural, organic and eco-friendly products.” 

In addition to offering consumers the ability to experience the products in person, there will be interactive information sessions. Shoppers can purchase products on-site, order in bulk and have the items delivered to their door. For those ordering online through the BuyNatural website, they will be able to click and collect at the Woy Woy store.

“We want to be the Amazon of Australia’s natural and organic products, particularly for the small and medium brands that tend to be missed by the majors. Not only are we supporting Australian businesses, we are selling some of our country’s best natural, organic and eco-friendly products.”

The BuyNatural TLO store is located at 56 Ocean Road, Woy Woy and is open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday.