Australia Post will be exhibiting at the upcoming Retail Expo Australasia at the Sydney convention and exhibition centre, showcasing two specific parts of its business – Australia Post Mail Marketing and Australia Post e-letter Solutions.
Through the Sensory Mail concept – which promotes mail’s unique ability to appeal to a consumer’s senses of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing – Australia Post is promoting different creative production techniques including dimension, scent, 3D lenticular print effects, LED lights, sound chips, and even taste strips that allow you create an emotional impact between your customers and your brand.

“By appealing to the senses you can engage your customer at an emotional level and give them a lasting impression of your brand,” said Melanie Kenter, product manager, Australia Post.

“Imagine having a postcard in the shape of a cup of coffee and scented, or a taste strip that replicates the flavour of your favourite product. With Sensory Mail, the creative opportunities for retailers trying to reach consumers are endless.

Australia Post joins more than 220 other local and international exhibitors at the expo, many who will feature in the business services zone. 

“With the retail market advancing at a phenomenal rate, it’s never been more important for retailers to make sure their voices are heard in the market. Of all the tools for retailers, a strong marketing campaign is vital for cut-through,” said Peter O’Flynn, exhibition manager, Retail Expo Australasia. 

 “Savvy retailers need to be aware of the multitude of mediums – both traditional and contemporary – they can use to communicate their brand and its messages.”

Trusonic and Air Aroma Australia are just two other companies who will exhibit alongside Australia Post. Both companies will be launching new products at the trade only event, with Trusonic introducing its Audio Marketing Solutions system, and Air Aroma Australia showcasing its latest range of fragrances used for in-store scent-marketing. 

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