On the final day of his visit to Australia, Michael Ioakimides, managing director of Dyson’s newly created international trading division, was full of praise for Australian retailers after spending the past week getting to know the Australian market.

Dyson’s international trading division was created to ensure continued global support to the growing organisation.

Store visits this week left Ioakimides “incredibly impressed” with the quality of the retail environment, friendliness and knowledge of retail staff and the volumes turned over by individual store fronts.

“The majority of Dyson markets, including the UK and US, largely consist of unassisted sales; there are no staff to help customers make the right decision about which Dyson to buy,” said Ioakimides.

“In Australia, customers have both retail staff and Dyson staff on hand to help them determine the best machine to suit their living environment.

“The fact that customers get the right product is evident in our market position here.”

Formerly CEO of Diageo Ireland, Ioakimides joined Dyson in August 2008.