Hunting for George


In an exciting coup for one of Australia’s largest shopping centres, online retailer Hunting for George is setting up shop in Highpoint’s fashion section during the coming spring/summer season.

Launching in October until January 2018, the concept store is a first for the shopping precinct and Highpoint shopping centre manager Ryan Ling is looking forward to working with such a successful independent retailer.

“We are thrilled Hunting for George has chosen Highpoint as its first experience store, which will bring an exciting homewares offer to Melbourne’s west that cannot be found elsewhere,” he enthuses.

The new store, which is designed by Melbourne-based Therefore Studio, will retain the boutique, niche, designer positioning within Highpoint and feature a series of colourful and textural backdrops that allow the styling team to create varying scenes within the retail experience―think a bedroom, a lounge room or patio with a range of pot plants―immersing customers in the Hunting for George palette and product.

Hunting for George

Art prints by Hunting for George.

The space will also include a small design studio, and having part of the team on-site creates a great opportunity for customers to interact with them directly.

Hunting for George co-founder Lucy Glade Wright says it will be interesting to test the concept in a high-foot-traffic destination as all their business so far has only been done online.

“It’s a long time coming, as the original concept of Hunting for George was to be a retail store, but it wasn’t possible when we launched,” she explains. “So, we are excited to delve into bricks-and-mortar.”

During the four-month period the retailer will also hold workshops on topics ranging from table setting and wreath making to book launches.

“We love engaging with our customers. As an online retailer we don’t have that face-to-face contact so we thrive on the opportunity to cut through and talk to our audience and hear what they have to say in exciting new ways. These workshops are just another way to showcase what we’re about.”

This story originally appeared on Giftguide.


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