Following a $60 million redevelopment in late 2012, Melbourne’s Roxbury Park Shopping Centre has become an emerging community hub thanks to collaborations with three artists.

The centre’s outdoor strip features a centrepiece street art mural project that was created by art curator Duro Cubrilo, who led the project, and local artists Sofles, TwoOne and Bonsai.

According to Cubrilo, the mural has been established to encapsulate the local area in its use of colour and elements.

“The artwork is visible from the train station entrance and is a focal point for the whole centre, so we wanted a look in line with the overall sustainable design focus that favoured natural elements such as birds and wildlife, but in a modern and cutting edge way,” he said.

“The finished product is something that appeals to street art aficionados and local shoppers alike. With its mix of intricate details, bold colours and striking depictions, it helps to position the shopping destination as a discernible town centre.”

The project complements the shopping centre’s focus on sustainable design element. For example retail offerings are positioned around recycled rail sleepers on external walls, native plant gardens and a sprawling Red River Gum tree.

Colonial First State Global Asset Management (CFSGAM) development manager Don Smith said the centre was redeveloped to create a comfortable and inviting environment that gives shoppers a sense of place.

“This isn’t a cookie cutter shopping centre; we emphasised the need for adept social planning in the development stage, and worked to create a facility that offers the community a relaxed, neighbourhood vibe with a pedestrian friendly main street,” he said.

“Roxburgh Park is more than just a shopping centre, it’s now a town centre; a place for community members to spend time in a friendly and familiar setting that caters to the local demographic and is not inhibited by a conventional four-wall building model.

“The impressive artwork and innovative design features are key to the redevelopment and enhance the centre’s offering; people literally come from across the state and world to look at the outdoor mural.”