Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has partnered with Roy Morgan Research to gain better knowledge and insight to retailers operating the sector.

ARA executive director Russell Zimmerman says the partnership will help both companies gain a better understanding of retail and enable retailers to better respond to shifts and challenges associated with doing business in retail.

“ARA members live and breathe the retail industry and face the associated changes and challenges on a day to day basis. Together, the ARA and Roy Morgan will aim to gain a better understanding of the retail sector as a whole, including insight into the retailer- consumer relationship, detailed information on some of the challenges faced by the industry and provide up to the minute feedback,” he says.

“The partnership will give ARA members access to the knowledge and tools they need for business success in a changing retail landscape. It will also enable members to give timely feedback, which will in turn give a more accurate and industry- specific reflection of the current retail environment.”

As an initial development the partnership will be launching ‘Retail Pulse’ a weekly monitor of retail performance and confidence direct from the retail coal face.