The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has launched a series of seminars to get employers compliant with the new retail award as the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) continues its campaign of visits to retailers across the country.
ARA executive director Russell Zimmerman said claims that FWO visits in some regions had discovered over 50 per cent of retailers were still non-compliant with their new employer obligations reflected high levels of industry confusion about complex wage calculations.
 "Transitioning from state-based awards to the new retail award is a highly involved and complicated process representing some of the most dramatic changes in award terms and conditions in 100 years,” he said.
“So, I'm not surprised retailers are confused about what exactly they need to pay staff.
 "This year the FWO will visit over 26,000 employers across the country and the 'Understanding the new General Retail Award' seminars are making it easier for retailers to get compliant before they targeted. These seminars are tailored to the retail sector and can be taken as full day or half day sessions," Zimmerman said.