From 24th September at the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre, Retail Expo 2012 will be hosting its illustrious Retail Conference, for the 13th year running. Delivering an outstanding line up of guests speakers, 20 of the world’s leading authorities on innovative retail solutions, channel integration and e-retailing, retail reinvention and in-store environment, will grace the stage.

The recognition of the effects of the explosion of smart phones and third-party mobile applications, improved telecommunications infrastructure and the proliferation of social networks on the retail industry is growing. As a result of this, traditional retail stores are taking a hit in terms of declining sales. The key now is to convert the online traffic into foot traffic at stores. And this is where innovation comes in! In-store innovation will be detrimental in re-directing consumer traffic off the virtual world and walking it into the bricks-and-mortar stores. Innovation in the retail industry has become a critical topic for businesses to sustain themselves and grow further.

This year’s theme ‘Analyse, Innovate and Implement’ will be addressed by some of Australia’s authorative retail analysts, store designers and social media experts secured by the conference organiser, Intermedia Events.

The conference will kick-start with Jim Papas, sharing his insight into innovation in the retail industry. Jim will show you how he has successfully developed and implemented an innovative retail solution which has been able to solve many issues faced by retailers today. The innovation has resulted in an ability to create a repeatable personalised engaging buying experience which differentiates the brand, improves customer loyalty and increases sales across a multi store environment. 

“The retail industry is undergoing some of the biggest changes in living memory. Not only are local retailers having to compete with an influx of some the world’s biggest brands setting up shop in Australia, but also the dramatic increase in online shopping or e-tailing”, says Retail Expo organiser Melanie Robertson.

Andrew Whittaker, Partner, Ferrier Hodgson will take the audience through a case study on ‘The Colorado Group….Boom to Bust in 10 years’. In light of what has been the hardest two years for retail in most people’s memories, Andrew will present a case study focusing on the rebirth of the Colorado Group as Fusion Retail Brands. The case study will cover the creation of a blueprint for change within the business and the levers that were pulled to get the business back on track.

During a 90 minute session, Nick Bowditch, founder of Clooee, a collaborative agency based in NSW, will go through some of the emerging trends in retail and outline which of them will survive, which are a flash in the pan, and which you should be making yourself aware of right now.

 Last but not least, Jason Bullivant, Strategy & Planning Director at Dynamix will take us through a number of success stories, which although very different have something in common. All of these companies do one thing exceedingly well by answering what today’s shopping is looking for. The shopper is at the heart of their business model and the bottom line is that the shopper is critical to their planning process. In retail today it is the shopper who needs to be hailed as the real power player when it comes to delivering the thing we’re all after – sales.

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