The AliExpo 2024, held at the International Conference Centre (ICC) in Sydney, saw huge success. The expo showcased the diversity and innovation of Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) brands to a Southeast Asia and China audience. 

This year’s AliExpo witnessed a strong turnout of exhibitors and attendees, with 80 exhibitors in total. Australian brands took centre stage, with close to nine in 10 (88%) exhibitors being from Australia.

A large focus was set on fostering meaningful connections and knowledge exchange. The expo featured 24 buyers, including nine from Southeast Asia, facilitated 127 business matchings supported by Austrade, and empowered exhibitors to embark on their journey into the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets.

The expo saw the return of brands like Swisse Wellness, EZZ Life Science and Chemist Warehouse, alongside the debut of Australian brands such as Herbs of Gold, Hismile, Vivien Rose, OZ Farm, and LOVEBYT. We also saw first-time exhibitors from New Zealand, Babysteps/Symbiotics and KC Pet Limited.

Alibaba Australia and New Zealand head of marketing, Kit Yau said, “The return of AliExpo exceeded our expectations. We witnessed a large group of local Chinese community members participating, along with fresh blood from local Southeast Asian visitors and active engagement from 24 overseas buyers.

“This result supports the growing opportunity and appetite of Asian buyers for ANZ brands. The belief from overseas buyers and personal shoppers has strengthened, furthering their belief in e-commerce, and Australia and New Zealand brands are set to thrive even higher on the global stage.”

Attendees benefited from 12 business conferences featuring over 22 industry speakers, 12 brand activation sessions amplifying exposure for ANZ brands, and a workshop organised by Taobao Live addressing the burgeoning opportunities for personal shoppers in the region.

The expo highlighted the growing demand for natural, green, and high-quality products among Chinese and Southeast Asian consumers, particularly in health and supplements, beauty and skincare, personal care, and mother and infant products.

AliExpo showcased the collaborative spirit of the e-commerce community, attracting over 12,000 attendees, including a significant presence from the local Chinese and Southeast Asian communities. The event’s success reaffirms the immense potential for ANZ brands in the SouthEast Asia and China market, igniting renewed belief and confidence among overseas buyers and personal shoppers.