By Aimee Chanthadavong

Supermarket retailer ALDI will be opening three new stores in the ACT after the government gave in-principle support to the direct sale of three sites to the discount chain.

Expected to bring ALDI’s retail footprint to a total of 11 in Canberra, the stores will be co-located with Canberra-based Supabarn in Wanniassa and Kaleen, and Coles in Chisholm.

An ALDI spokesperson told Retailbiz the company has been working the ACT government to identify suitable sites for the development.

“We will continue to investigate the feasibility and viability of each site in conjunction with the ACT Government to identify the most suitable locations for future ALDI stores. There is still a lot more work to be done and consultation to undertake before we proceed with the next step of opening an ALDI store,” the spokesperson said.

Jon Stanhope, ACT chief minister, said the entry of ALDI into group centres would lead to more choice, convenience and value for money for Canberrans.

"ALDI's entry to these group centres will introduce a second supermarket to the retail mix, helping to boost competition and influence lower prices," Stanhope said in a statement.

"Our research shows that where an ALDI is co-located with a major supermarket, the prices of that supermarket are reduced significantly, sometimes by up to 25 per cent.”

The direct sale of land is consistent with the Government's supermarket competition policy which was released last year to promote greater competition and diversity in Canberra's supermarket sector.

“We welcome the ACT government’s approach to encouraging greater choice and grocery price competition for the people of Canberra. We look forward to bringing the ALDI promise of smarter shopping – high quality products at permanently low prices – to more consumers in the ACT,” the ALDI spokesperson said.