Aldi supports the call by the Urban Local Government Association for retailers to do more to stop shopping trolleys ending up in Queensland’s backstreets, waterways and public areas.
Viktor Jakupec, managing director Queensland, Aldi Stores said he believed that the coin operated lock system which Aldi has used since day one was a key preventative measure in the dumping of trolleys.
“Since entering the Queensland market in 2004, we have rarely lost any trolleys because our system is so effective,” he said.
“In fact, we recently received a letter of commendation from the Lord Mayor of Brisbane recognising that of the 4000 trolleys impounded, not one was an Aldi trolley.”
Coin operated trolleys is an effective system because there is an incentive for customers to return the trolley to the store in order to get their $2 coin back.
“Customers can also purchase a token on a key ring for 99 cents and this is reused to release the coin lock every time they visit Aldi, which is very convenient.
“Preventing the dumping of trolleys means a cleaner environment and that can only benefit the entire community.
“We encourage other retailers to implement this coin operated system and help prevent the costly dumping of shopping trolleys,” said Jakupec.