Aldi has become the first Australian national grocery retailer to initiate a free in-store recycling service across all stores for common household batteries, with the launch of the ALDI Activ Energy Battery Recycling Program.

Each year, over 300 million common household batteries are thrown away with ordinary waste and ALDI Australia believes the recycling program will have an impact in reducing the 8,000 tonnes worth of household batteries that end up in the landfill annually.

The company believes the initiative will reinforce its social responsibility and commitment to a sustainable future, as well as its focus on delivering a high level of customer service.

“At ALDI, we understand that our customers value the environment and community they live in. We are confident that this free recycling service will assist our customers in disposing of batteries responsibly,” said an ALDI Australia Spokesperson.

From Wednesday, battery collection bins will be available at the front of every ALDI store. These bins will serve as collection points for common household batteries including AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. These used batteries will be sent off to be recycled with materials extracted for reuse in other products.

Paul Klymenko, CEO of Planet Ark, congratulates ALDI on becoming the first Australian grocery retailer to launch a battery recycling initiative across their store network. 

“We encourage Australians to support this program and keep the valuable and potentially toxic materials found in batteries out of landfill so they can be turned back into useful products,” he said.