Aldi is joining the Carbon Reduction Label program in Australia. By the end of this year Aldi’s everyday olive oil range will feature the Carbon Reduction Label, highlighting Aldi’s ongoing commitment to the environment.
“We are proud to be the first company in Australia to feature the Carbon Reduction Label, which not only helps us to improve the efficiency of our business, but also provides customers with important information, allowing them to make smarter shopping decisions,” says Tom Daunt, managing director buying, Aldi.
“We believe it makes good business sense to protect and promote the environment in everything we do and the Carbon Reduction Label will help us achieve this.”
The Carbon Reduction Label informs consumers of the total carbon footprint of a product, from raw materials and manufacturing right through to disposal or recycling of packaging. The label helps people understand how they can reduce their own carbon footprint and fight climate change.
“Independent research conducted for Planet Ark found 60 per cent of Australians would be more likely to purchase a product displaying the Carbon Reduction Label and we welcome Aldi to this groundbreaking program,” says Paul Klymenko, research director, Planet Ark.
Planet Ark brought the Carbon Reduction Label to Australia in partnership with its originators, the Carbon Trust in the UK.
“It is great to see the expansion of the Carbon Reduction Label in Australia with Aldi, a major international retailer,” said Euan Murray, carbon footprinting general manager, Carbon Trust UK.
“We all want to do our bit to tackle climate change, but consumers can find it confusing to know what to do. The Carbon Reduction Label is a simple way of supporting those brands and companies that have measured their footprints and are actively trying to reduce their impact.”
The Carbon Reduction Label is now appearing in 19 countries with labelled products having annual sales of around $4.5 billion.