Aldi is expanding itself into the South Australian and Western Australian markets.

Since 2001, Aldi Australia has focused on expanding across the eastern seaboard of Australia wants to now share its ‘smarter shopping’ experience to other parts of the country.

Group managing director Tom Daunt confirmed the footprint expansion with belief it will also increase employment and business opportunities.

“The benefits associated with ALDI’s decision to enter South Australia and West Australia will be substantial, with hundreds of millions in capital investment, over 2,000 new permanent jobs and a final rollout of up to an additional 90 to 110 stores opening across both states,” he said.

To support the growth, Aldi anticipates it will take a number of years to secure a warehouse site and sufficient store locations before commencing operations and is looking forward to working closely with the state and local government on the proposed rollout of its network.

“In the end, our success comes down to the loyalty of our customers and the dedication of our employees, and we look forward to building a loyal customer base in South and Western Australia,” Daunt said.

“We understand that offering customers real value is the most important thing. The ACCC’s grocery inquiry confirmed ALDI Australia’s presence has had a significant downward effect on grocery prices, delivering savings to all consumers when there is an ALDI store in their neighbourhood.”