Beverage manufacturer Barfresh has teamed up with GG Espresso to provide freshly made low-fat smoothies in a selected number of stores.

The smoothie industry is experiencing a massive boom as a result of healthier attitudes towards eating and this trend is filtering down into retail segments such as coffee shops and cafés.

“Barfresh allows cafés and coffee shops to provide juice bar quality products to their customers in a quick, easy and profitable way. I’m very pleased to be working with GG Espresso to help them grow their customer base,” says Riccardo Delle Coste, managing director, Barfresh.

“We were looking to add a smoothie product to our menu and draw in customers that were looking for healthier alternatives. The operational process for these smoothies is seamless and so far has been well received by our customers,” says Nalin Prakash, general manager, GG Espresso.

Freshly made low-fat smoothies are available in six delicious flavours including mango, strawberry, banana, tropical, cookies & cream and chocolate.

Barfresh has worked with GG Espresso to design a custom smoothie menu, which itemises smoothie ingredients and can dramatically increase sales.

“By listing the ingredients of the smoothie, customers can see they are getting quality, real fruit pieces and not a syrup- or powder-based smoothie, which offers little nutritional value,” says Delle Coste.

Barfresh offers free marketing support and a free-on-loan commercial blender to all retailers who sell Smoo Smoothies. The blenders are pre-programmed for Smoo Smoothies.