One of McDonald’s newest restaurants is re-setting the potential design of future restaurants.

The fast food chain’s Doveton store, referred to as the ‘restaurant of the future’, is the first-of-its-kind and is the 856th McDonald’s restaurant to open in Australia.

With an aim to enhance the customer experience in-restaurant, the Doveton restaurant’s concept centres on the idea of ‘brand language’, where iconic golden arches are realised through design elements in and around the interior and exterior of the development.

As part of the store, full digital menu system will exist on the front counter and for the first time in drive-thru. The futuristic design also incorporates a multi-functional ‘party room’ that can modified to suit children’s parties or business meetings and zoned music that differs between restaurant precincts.

Replacing the static front RHMC money boxes, the Doveton site will feature a RMHC ‘wishing well’ which will play a video message from the charity when a coin is inserted into the unit.

The restaurant will also introduce a new-look Playground that’s based on fresh food ingredients, like spinning lettuces, squish tomato seats and a gherkin climbing wall.

Brett Tooley, McDonald’s real estate manager, said McDonald’s wanted to communicate the ‘M’ logo in as many components as possible.

“This is an exciting step forward for McDonald’s in the evolution of our restaurant design. We will be investigating the potential to roll this design out in future new McDonald’s developments across Australia,” he said.