3Q Holdings has acquired the UK-based development of the ‘Connect’ multi-channel retail solution Intelligent Retail.

The acquisition is in line with the 3Q company board mission to achieve scale and increase profitability through strategic acquisitions.

3Q chairman, Shaun Rosen, said, the acquisition will provide 3Q with market-leading multichannel retail technology, complementing the company’s Island Pacific omni-channel and mobile solutions.

 “Our business follows the basic principle of putting the retail customer first and concentrating on innovative solutions that are leading edge and scalable. I believe our acquisition of Intelligent Retail is an excellent opportunity to provide our customers and partners with the assurance that we will continue to respond to their needs while at the same time delivering industry-leading retail solutions which drive a compelling customer experience,” he said.

As part of the acquisition, 3Q aims to expand the Intelligent Retail business into international markets, including North America and Asia, while at the same time using the acquisition to strengthen the group’s successful presence in the UK, where its ‘Connect’ software has around 600 customers.

“The combination of 3Q Holdings and Intelligent Retail is a win-win for retailers looking for competitive advantage and an increased focus on serving the unique needs of today’s consumer,” David Mackley, CEO of Intelligent Retail, said.