MYOB announced their joint initiative with Google, ‘Getting Aussie Business Online’, has helped more than 30,000 Australian SMEs get online over the last 12 months.

Getting Aussie Business Online provides businesses with a website builder – MYOB Atlas – and other tools they need to create a in 15 minutes at no cost for their first year. PayPal integrated an e-commerce function in August.

MYOB CEO Tim Reed says they’re pleased with the results and hope to see more retailers build their own online presence this year.

“The more than 60 per cent of Australian businesses that haven’t harnessed the internet’s power by creating a website are facing a terrific opportunity to stand apart from competitors, to generate awareness of what they have to offer potential customers and business partners,” he said.

“With the majority of people heading online first to research their purchasing decisions, almost two thirds of SMEs are missing out on revenue generated this way. Our research shows businesses with a website generate 6 per cent more revenue than those without. This could mean the difference between success and closing up shop, which is something that as a nation we should be striving to prevent.”

The initiative reaches its one year milestone on 2 March.