Here Technologies has launched its latest technology in Australia and New Zealand designed to improve business analytics, search and navigation experiences. Here Places Footprints – a combination of Here’s navigation maps, Places and 2D footprint data – associates the precise location of a business or point of interest, such as a shopping centre, with its physical boundaries and building shape.

Location technology is more critical than ever for retailers as the gap between customer expectations and actual arrival of delivery increases, according to Here Technologies head of Oceania, Daniel Antonello.

“Retailers need to look for ways to streamline their end-to-end process to improve customer experience and remain competitive,” he told Retailbiz.

“Location services can provide retailers with real-time ETAs as opposed to static or stage-gate updates and assists with inventory planning and production. It can also ensure vehicles aren’t leaving retailers’ warehouses half empty, helping reduce waste and improving warehouse capacity and inventory turnover.”

Location technology doesn’t just apply to roads – it can assist in the guidance of foot traffic in and around shopping complexes and stores. “This allows retailers to make informed decisions about placement of outlets within a shopping complex to remain top of mind and drive sales.”

Antonello also explained that location technology has become more important as retailers focus on improving their last mile delivery, particularly in the lead up to Christmas.

“At this time, consumers are infamous for becoming impatient waiting for their purchased goods to arrive on time. With an influx of purchases made by digitally savvy Christmas shoppers, retailers and logistics companies often struggle to meet customer demand and expectations, and late deliveries and inaccurate delivery times can result in a decrease of customer loyalty and trust.”

As for the future of location technology, we can expect to see an increase in the use of location technology across multiple industries. “Once adopted, retailers can leverage location technology to provide open and transparent dialogue with customers, while also seeing more efficiency on our roads and ensuring drivers are getting to the right place at the right time.”