A new study has revealed the secrets behind appealing to the increasingly lucrative consumers of Gen Z.

Omnichannel is at the heart of Gen Z’s optimal shopping experience, according to research commissioned by WP Engine, which also found that online-only retail is seen as no barrier for trust in a retailer for these consumers.

Given Gen Z, that is, the generation born between 1996-2010, are heavily dependant on the internet, with 55 per cent unable to comfortable go without the internet for more than a few hours, it is unsurprising that online-only retail wasn’t seen as a barrier to earning the trust of consumers.

Of the respondents, 62 per cent said that online-only companies are not less trustworthy than a solely brick-and-mortar brands.

But having “clicks and bricks,” that is, a presence both online and in-store is essential for this generation, with the research finding that omnichannel strategy is crucial for Gen Z shoppers.

Mark Randall, country manager of WP Engine told Retailbiz that the lines between digital and physical are increasingly blurred for Gen Z.

“You’ve got this merger of the digital world with the real world and Gen Z specifically doesn’t differentiate between the two,” he said.

But content dissemination is increasingly important for consumers, with the majority preferring to purchase from brands that have a clear vision, according to the research,

“One of the findings showed us that 83 per cent of Gen Z were more likely to purchase from a brand that has consistent and relevant content,” Mr Randall said.

Social responsibility is also essential for this generation, with 63 per cent saying they are more likely to buy from a company if it contributes to a social cause.

Mr Randall says that the importance of a brand’s level of social responsibility to Gen Z also reflect’s the importance of an overall brand vision.

“Another aspect of authenticity that came through in study is Gen Z more likely to buy where contribute to social causes,” he said.

But despite Gen Z’s fondness for digital, the report nonetheless found Gen Z prefer to use the web over an app to do their shopping.

Mr Randall says that this preference was consistent across all generations, but could slowly shift towards more purchases through apps.