More than half of consumers globally (58%) believe retailers provide a disconnected experience across channels and 60% would consider changing retailers as a result. But it isn’t easy to provide a seamless shopping experience – retailers need to be able to quickly and easily integrate data to build meaningful interactions and customer loyalty.

To do so, retailers need to unlock customer, product, and purchase history data from core retail systems, legacy applications and cloud ERP and CRM systems, and surface that data to empower customers across online and offline channels. APIs, or application programming interfaces, are software intermediaries that allow these systems, applications or devices to talk to each other in a uniform way.

US software company, MuleSoft has a unique API-led approach to connectivity that allows retailers to reuse APIs to unlock customer data from legacy systems and deliver real-time inventory visibility, mobile checkout and personalised service faster.

With MuleSoft, retailers can innovate three times faster using pre-built integration assets, best practices and recommended architectures to create new experiences online and offline.

New solutions include MuleSoft Accelerator for Commerce Cloud that connects inventory and product information management applications, and MuleSoft Accelerator for Service Cloud to see real-time order history and order status information.

In addition to these new solutions, retailers such as Decathlon are leveraging the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform to expedite guest checkout with cashless stores and tables on wheels with mobile devices, identify full basket of inventory for checkout with RFID tags and provide accurate and real-time store inventory in two hours via an inventory-checking robot.