A game-changing software company is on a mission to give small retailers a step above Amazon and Alibaba by democratising access to e-commerce.

Software giant Zoho, which launched in Australia earlier this year, is determined to turn the tables in the retail sector by giving smaller retailers the chance to get ahead as big retailers like Amazon dominate the market.

The company’s e-commerce solution gives small retailers an affordable, comprehensive software suite to help get them online.

Timothy Kasbe, ANZ managing director at Zoho, told Retailbiz that the businesses e-commerce suite is one of the most diverse and affordable in the market, making it a kick-starter for small businesses looking to branch out.

“Our whole aim here is to democratise technology. By that what we mean is making it available, accessible and affordable to any size business in the world,” he said.

The breadth of solutions offered by the company would typically require 20 different IT vendors, Mr Kasbe said – something that is almost impossible for small retailers to afford.

The e-commerce package allows retailers to build an online store without the need for any coding skills – giving them the ability to manage an entire web store – from accepting orders to tracking inventory and  marketing – on one platform from $20.

“We understand that many small retailers don’t have the IT resources to set up an e-commerce offering,” he said.

The company offers retailers an all-in-one package, Zoho Concierge, which sets retailers up online in one day for just $1000. The news is part of the brand’s ongoing bid to help smaller retailers get started online, Mr Kasbe said.

“To play in a global market, digitising your business is the first critical step. A lot of SMBs are still not digitised and don’t have the tools to compete. That’s why we’re here,” he said.

Earlier this month the company launched a new omnichannel platform, Commerce Plus, a fully-integrated end-to-end platform for commerce.