Melbourne, Australia - July 30, 2011: Coles is one of the major supermarket chains in Australia. Here, are its trolleys outside the store at Donvale, Melbourne.

Australia’s leading supermarket chains have ramped up the convenience factor on their in-store offerings just days apart as a survey finds consumer satisfaction is at an all-time-low.

With just days between them, Australian supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles have both announced plans to transform the way consumers shop in-store.

Coles yesterday announced it will be fast-tracking its convenience strategy by adding 75 new products to its grab-and-go range, including avocado and toast, while Woollies announced the return of scales at its self-service checkouts.

The initiatives come as a new survey from consumer group Choice revealed satisfaction with Coles and Woolworths is dwindling, with 2,900 consumers surveyed rating the supermarkets as ‘least satisfactory.’

Woolworths was ranked second last on satisfaction, with a rating of 69 per cent, while Coles came in at last place at 67 per cent.

Leading the list of Australia’s favourite supermarkets were South Australia’s Foodland, followed by Harris Farm, Costco and Aldi.

The survey comes after Coles on Monday announced its new convenient product range and plans to refurbish 100 of its supermarkets in the next six months to enable them to stock more ready-to-eat meals.

Just a day earlier, Woolworths announced the return of weight scales at its self-service checkouts.

The supermarket hopes the scales will help it to cut down on the number of items stolen at self-service checkouts.

The supermarket giant also announced plans earlier this month to start experimenting with the sale of fresh seafood, meats and unpackaged vegetables at its convenience stores to try to tap into shoppers’ growing desire for convenience.