A new platform has been launched which fast-tracks small and medium-sized retailers onto Amazon.

The platform allows retailers to list and start selling their products on Amazon Australia in less than 15 minutes, turning the country’s fastest growing marketplace from foe into friend.

Launched last week, Neto’s Amazon Product Registration solution allows brands to create an account and bulk select and list entire product categories on Amazon Australia in a few clicks, with much of the process automated.

Prior to the launch of the platform, retailers have to upload individual products one by one to Amazon, resulting in significant time and financial capital being used.

But according to founder and CEO of Neto Ryan Murtagh the platform substantially speeds up the product listing process.

And once the data has been entered, because the platform is agnostic, other platforms like Ebay, Catch the Day or even voice commerce can easily be added.

“Every time you add a new sales channel the retailer is not having to learn new sales channel which adds complexity and costs,” he said.

78 per cent growth

Since launching two weeks ago, growth in Amazon product listings by Neto retailers has increased 78 per cent, according to the platform.

Featuring more than 80 million products and more than 10,000 sellers, the rise of Amazon Australia presents big opportunities for the retailers willing to leverage them, according to Mr Murtagh.

“What’s key is that it enables small business retailers to take advantage of Amazon as a sales channel,” he said.

“70 per cent of Amazon’s transactions through their marketplace globally are delivered by third party sellers and the vast majority of those are small business so it’s really important for retailers to understand the Amazon opportunity.”

Many retailers are already looking to Amazon as an area of opportunity, according to a recent poll from Neto, which revealed that approximately 60 percent of the platform’s retailer customers are already selling on Amazon Australia or intend to establish an Amazon store in the near future.

The survey also revealed the biggest hindrance to listing on Amazon to be the complex nature of the process. It’s this complexity that the platform aims to minimise, Mr Murtagh said.

“Ultimately what we do is make these channels viable and profitable for businesses. You can’t do it at scale unless it’s automated. You would have to invest significant resources and it ultimately makes it not not worth investing in.”

And with consumers increasingly demanding a convenient shopping experience, being on the platforms that are convenient for them is increasingly important, according to Mr Murtagh.

“This technology enables retailers to be everywhere their customers are.”