As new technologies emerge, and the payments ecosystem evolves, retailers must stay ahead of customer expectations around availability, channel variety, and ease-of-use, according to Stanchion Payment Solutions chief operations manager, Deon Van Biljon.

“A key element of customer service for retailers is the payments environment. It must be smooth and seamless, regardless of channel,” he said.

“The payment environment in retail must not only ensure high availability and performance but is also a key part of optimising business services, extending into important value propositions such as customer experience.

“This puts an increasingly high burden on large retailers as they need to ensure that their payments systems are secure, efficient, and well managed, so that they can remain focused on their core business offering.”

Stanchion has developed specialist skills in payments roadmap consulting, architecture design, systems analysis and integration, testing and project management to enable end-to-end project delivery for payments environments.

The company has worked with leading retailers to provide technical capabilities, including end-to-end coverage of the building, roll-out, maintenance, and management of an in-house payments switch for a global retailer with over 1,400 store locations in 14 countries.

“Stanchion has a long history of being at the forefront of payment solutions for retailers, banks, credit unions, card schemes, payment processors, and payment systems globally,” Van Biljon said.

“In order to drive long term success retailers, need to embrace innovation. They must look for new ways to operate their business and deliver against client expectations. Doing this alone however will be challenging. They must therefore build an ecosystem of providers and partners that can help them drive innovation and implement change.”

This article was republished with the permission of Appliance Retailer.