The ACCC is urging consumers and businesses to check that products bought and sold online are safe, as part of an international campaign on product safety risks in e-commerce.

During International Consumer Product Safety Week (12 to 16 November 2018), the ACCC is participating in the OECD Global Awareness Campaign of the Safety of Products Sold Online.

The 2018 campaign aims to educate and inform consumers, online sellers and online platforms about product safety risks and challenges in the online space, how to reduce and address the risks, and key product safety compliance requirements associated with trading online.

The ACCC says, “Online shoppers are particularly exposed to injury or illness risks because consumers cannot physically examine products as they would when shopping in store. Consumers also have to rely on information that is available online, and may not know who to contact to return a product that turns out to be unsafe.

“Australian consumers should be able to have the same confidence that they’re buying safe products when shopping online as they do when shopping in-store.

“While most businesses ensure that their products comply with Australian safety laws, businesses that supply unsafe or defective products online can cause harm to consumers and the broader community – including physical injury, illness or even death.

“While the option of buying online offers a number of benefits for both consumers and suppliers, its growth has also presented consumer product safety risks and challenges worldwide.”