A new online platform giving retailers direct access to 30 million Chinese consumers has launched an Australian office.

The e-commerce platform cuts out the daigou market, enabling retailers to sell direct to Chinese consumers without having to go through a third party.

Aomaijia is aimed at giving companies more control of their branding in China while also having more oversight of sales and distribution.

The platform opened its first Australian office last Thursday, which will focus on sourcing new Australian products, adding to the company’s global offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and Seoul.

The company on Thursday signed contracts with Australian brands Sukin, Kids Smart, Nestle, b.box and Tasman Ugg.

Big players like Swisse, Blackmores, Nature’s Way and a2 milk are already using the platform to tap into the increasingly lucrative Chinese consumer but the platform already boasts more than 3000 international brands.

The company has its eyes set on Australian expansion, saying it plans to rapidly build on the number of Australian brands on the platform.

“China is the largest market to Australian products, so it is critical to the Chinese e-commerce market that these products are made as readily available so that the Australian and New Zealand retailers can thrive, and e-commerce platforms can grow with them,” said Aomaijia Communications Director, Suki Wong.

Aomaijia is different to existing platforms because it operates both online and offline, selling products through a mobile app, We Chat, online and through physical stores in major Chinese cities.

These physical “dual line” stores allow customers to connect online while in-store – scanning QR codes to check details about products and to checkout online.

Since launching four years ago, the company has grown substantially, now boasting more than 30 million shoppers.