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The new software helping retailers to fast-track online deliveries. 

A one-stop shop solution for e-sellers that claims to improve sales flow has been launched. Multiorders offer online vendors an all-in-one online inventory and shipping management system that automatically checks stock levels, tracks shipping and manages orders.

Within the next two years, e-commerce sales will make up 14% of all global sales, according to research firm Euromonitor International.

Multiorders has integrated a number of solutions within its software as way of addressing the sales issues that online marketplaces currently face, including automated stock-tracking and shipping management, easy management of purchase orders, as well as the reduced cost and creation of shipping labels.

One of the biggest problems that online stores have is stock control and automatically updating stock levels is said to reduce the risk of errors. As a way of managing different stores at one time, a proposed solution is to experiment with all-in-one software which gives clients the opportunity to run a number of different marketplaces simultaneously, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, plus others. To date, Multiorders have over 50 online store integrations, and are adding new ones every day.

Tracking shipments also plays a large role in customer service, and by using a fully-automated solution, clients can merge shipping orders and even add sub-deliverers to redirect them.  It also allows for multiple shops to be put in one place, and it automatically tracks and updates shipped orders meaning that the business does not have to do so manually.

One of the biggest challenges that the online vendor faces is the production of shipping labels for their packages. Multiorders’ inventory management software allows users to create their own in-house labels as an effective way of saving costs and reducing the time spent on printing.

This article was republished with permission from Appliance Retailer